Petroscope 3D Size&Shape
(includes Petroscope Test&View software)
Calculation of  geometric characteristics particle-wise:

• volume

• surface Area

• sieve size

• shape index numbers after Zingg

• angularity after powers

• Rendering of particle for plausibility control


Calculation of  geometric characteristics particle-wise:

• particle size distribution

• particle distribution

• distribution of shape index numbers

• distribution of angularity class

… flakiness index acc. to EN 933-3

… shape index acc. to EN 933-3

… extensive report functionality

… data export in ascii, xyz and dxf


Fields of Application

• Geotechnics: fully automatic determination of particle size distribution – digital results ready for post-processing

• Concrete engineering: optimal adaptation of proportion of mixture based on knowledge of concrete aggregate shape

• Numerical simulations: generation of 3D-data for numerical particle models (such as PFC3D)