Petroscope Composition
(includes Petroscope Test&View software)
Petrosope© Composition includes all Petroscope© basic edition function plus the following features

• Spectral analysis of every particle (wavelength 350 to 1100 nm)

• Powerful classification tool based on spectral and geometry data


How does it work ?

- Phase 1 – Build the classification model -

1) The use defines classes (classes may be rock types or varieties of one given rock type)

2) The user prepares reference samples for all classes and analyses them using the Petroscope

3) Petroscope builds a statistical classification model which comprises those classes that were defined by the user

- Phase 2 – Use the classification model

4) The user analyses a standard sample. He does not know which share the classes hold

5) Petroscope classifies the sample particle by particle into one of the previously defined classes

6) The result is being shown in real time and is ready for export


This allows for an analysis of…

• Petrography – geometry correlation

• Correlation between lithology and particles shape and mechanical behavior


Analyzing data time series allows for a trend detection:

• Gradual shift of particle shape, angularity and particle size distribution


Fields of application:

• Classification of tunnel excavation material in terms of rock type or recycling

• Classification of sediments for prospection of mineral resources

• Aggregate production QC: trend detection (particle shape, Angularity, share of given rock types)