There are some properties of the aggregates that are more fundamental or basic than others.

In other words: The Engineering Properties of gravel and crushed rock aggregates (EP) – such as resistance to fragmentation and freeze-thaw durability – are governed by Fundamental Properties of the aggregates (FP):

EP = ƒ(FP)

The Fundamental Properties (EP) of the aggregates are mainly petrographic composition (pc), size (s) and shape (sh):

EP = ƒ(FP) = ƒ(pc, s, sh)

Therefore one should test all the fundamental or basic properties of the aggregates in an automatic way in one run and then it becomes possible to predict some of the engineering properties almost immediately after.

This materials-science background also helps to explain various related properties and performance of the aggregates when used for construction. A more detailed explanation is to be found in some of the articles in the LIBRARY, for example „Statistical Classification of Different Petrographic Varieties of Aggregates by Means of Near and Mid Infrared Spectra“.

Product development at the company PETROMODEL® is based on this materials science background:

Measuring equipment using machine vision and spectroscopy and advanced mathematics and statistics for measuring the Fundamental Properties pc, s and sh.

Software to model the function ∫ and perform what we call ‘statistical testing’ of some of the Engineering Properties.

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